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21st Century Startup: 10 Steps to Success

Welcome to your online course - this is where the rubber meets the road and we share the real-deal information that you can use to build your own successful online venture. What is successful? If you generate $2780/day - that's $1,000,000 per year - is that enough for you? Or would $100/day do the trick for you? Regardless of your goals and ambitions: we aim to put you on the right path to building a successful online business that works for you.

At the end of each lesson we'll have some "Action Items" for you to take care of. Things you're going to have to do - decisions to be made. If you wanna be the boss: get used to it!

Peter's Pic

Peter Johnson

Your Instruction & Veteran Startup Founder

An experienced startup founder and online business executive with numerous record-setting ventures, acquisition offers, and entries/exits in markets ranging from professional and financial services to retail ecommerce products - physical and downloadable, to Real Estate Development and construction, to all kinds of niche and traditional startups, often raising significant capital to achieve significant goals: Peter loves helping his fellow entrepreneurs get their Startups off the ground. 

If at any point these simple steps seem to much - or you'd just rather someone else does it for you: we have Packages that do just that.

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