Successfully launch a startup business in 10 easy steps,
(even in a pandemic)

Learn the Fastest Path to Profitability used by Top Online Pro's in 10 Simple lessons in this Online Course taught by Peter Johnson.
Get the exact steps to follow that will give your business a super-cost-effective foundation for online business growth, guaranteed.

Yes, business is business...
but things really are different now

- Online business is king -

Learn in 10 lessons how to become Royalty*

The world we're living in has changed, but the Internet is booming with more profits than ever, and if your business isn't online - or effective online - you'll lose out. So you want to do it right the first time.

And these days: you can do that pretty cost-effectively when you know the specific tools and technologies to plug together. A lot of the good stuff is even free, and that's what this course is designed to teach you. 

We've put together a powerful and easy-to follow step-by-step learning experience that will give you specific action items and once complete: you'll be in a position to start generating sales revenue from selling almost anything online. Manufactured products, professional services, resold products, affiliate sales: there's a ton of ways to make money online today.

We'll review the basics to the more strategic questions we all have when starting a business, including:

  • To Incorporate or not...and what's the best vehicle?
  • What's the best Website setup these days?
  • How do I drive traffic, convert it to sales, and keep everyone happy?
  • Can I be successful bootstrapping it or will I need Investors?
  • How do I figure out my market & what products/services/prices are best?
  • Can I do it all from my phone/laptop anywhere I want?
  • How do I get pro's to do the work for me?

And many other questions all founders eventually have...

learn everything you need to get started

At the end of the day: a business - by definition - is an organization with a single goal: generate a profit.

This course is designed to help you cover all the bases you need in order to start generating revenue online ASAP.

Here's What yOu Get With startup in the 21st Century online course:

Get Access to 10 Easy-to-follow lesson designed to get you up to speed FAST. Take 10 weeks or take 10 days - or 10 hours - you set the pace.

Specific Topics we'll cover:

Corporate Housekeeping

Online Course

Solo startup founder? Do you need to incorporate...or not yet? What if you plan on raising money later? Name and keyword and market researches - time to make some decisions about your future.

web presence

Step 2

Online is everything in the 21st Century, and that's why your Web site and other online assets are so vital to your success. We'll review what we think are the best tools and show you how to get up & running fast - even if you're not super tech-savvy.

all systems go!

Step 2

If it can be measured, it can be managed. Building your business to work for you with the right tools can make all the difference in the world. it's the 21st Century already: automate!

Go To market

Step 2

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. You need to put a serious effort into selling online in order to reach your goals. You won't get there overnight (unless you have a pretty big budget, then there are ways), but the more data you collect: the more predictable your revenue could be.

Talk to your people

Step 2

Having an authentic and open conversation with the people you want to sell to is one of the best ways to learn what they want. There are a few ways & intelligent systems that can help you do just that. 

what are your financials?

Step 2

Budgets? Burn Rates? Marketing Spend/ROI? Cost per customer acquisition? Average lifetime customer value? Fixed Overhead? Break-even point? Do you need outside funding? How much? 

Mo Money, Mo money...

Step 2

How much outside investment do you want/need/prefer? Is it a good idea? If so: what are your options? Platforms, friend, networks, meetings, events - ve hafe vays...

balancing act

Step 2

Being a startup founder can be lot of fun - and very financially rewarding if you are successful. It can be painful too during periods of growth or turmoil or...almost anything. Keep your head in the game and you have a much better chance of winning.

Pull Yourself Up...

Step 2 the Bootstraps. That's how it's been done since time immemorial. If that's where you're at: DIY is the way to go. But you probably have more options than you think - we'll mention a few, and also show you the things we think your startup MUST HAVE in order to thrive...

Hired Guns

Step 6

Do you need to hire professionals? Maybe. If so who? How much do you pay them? How do you negotiate and get exactly what you want/need and not overpay someone who does it for a living? When is it time to bring on operating staff? Fulfillment? Virtual Assistants? Customer Service? A CFO? 

The modern startup training You need

Learn how to get up and running online with a state-of-the-art secure Website that can keep your inbox full of leads or your phone ringing - all without learning how to write code. This is the quick-and-dirty information all entrepreneurs need to compete online today.

Included in the course:
-10 Online Video courses
-downloadable course materials
-step-by-step instructions

Lessons recorded personally by Veteran Startup Founder/Advisor Peter Johnson
Specific Steps for Non-Technical Founders to Launch Their Website in HOURS!

What's In a Name?

Online Course

Business Name? Incorporating? Trademarks? Competitors? Copyrights? Domain Names? Keywords? Niches? In the 21st Century: Your Name Means a Lot!

Websites 101

Step 2

WordPress is the most popular platform online - that's what we'll be teaching you. It's secure(able), scalable, and very customize-able by non-technical folks. Super-easy to use, and fast (and much more).

Data Data everywhere

Step 2

We will review popular tools that savvy startups use to collect, measure, massage, and market to the data they collect - and to remain on a path of continual improvement. 

Marketing 101

Step 2

What is the best way to most cost-effectively reach your target market in the 21st Century? We'll explore the ways...

Your market

Step 2

Who are you up against? What do they pay per click? What are their margins? Can you beat them or at least make the effort worth your while? Questions to be answered...

know. Your. numbers

Step 2

know your numbers, know your numbers, know your numbers. What numbers? We'll show you in this lesson the best way to show that you do - especially the important ones (if you want to raise outside funds).

fundraising 101

Step 2

If you have a serious business that you are seriously committed to growing: we'll show you precisely what you need to have in place to start raising money, and a few immediate options.

living the life

Step 2

What kind of founder do you aspire to be? What steps are you taking to get there? As goes your body, so goes the mind: get them both right, and feed your machine to stay in the zone. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy business.

creating momentum

Step 2

Steps you take today - when properly orchestrated - create momentum. Investments in infrastructure give you new capabilities to make more sales. Clicks lead to conversions lead to cash in the bank. Are you REALLY ready? 

hiring pros & outsourcing

Step 6

When do you bring in the big guns? Are you an expert at all of this? Do you even want to be? Would you prefer a turnkey solution where someone does it all for you? Do you want others to deal with your business' day-to-day? Delegate, delegate, delegate.

If you're serious about launching a new business: this course will help you get started fast and cost-effectively and show you how to do it yourself.

Fact: once you know how to build 1 Website, you can build as many as you want.

Are you ready to start learning? 

Veteran Startup Founder

Peter Johnson

Peter has launched - and raised millions in investment for - many successful online and offline businesses ranging from financial services, professional services/consulting, software development, business consulting, residential/commercial development & construction, eCommerce, information products, coaching and mentoring, and many more.

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*No relation to the Queen of England or any other Ruling Monarch and no actual title of Royalty is included here - come on dude.

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