Lesson Two: Website 101

In the 21st Century: you need to be online. You have MANY options when it comes to establishing your Web presence and we'll review a few options that we think are mistakes, and also the best way to cost-effectively get your Website up and running ASAP (within minutes when you get good at it). 

We recommend WordPress - the most-used Website/Blogging platform in use on the Internet today. It's free. And very easy to use, and also: highly customize-able, and relatively easy to do do.

This video provides a basic overview of getting your Web site set up including:

  • Setting Up Your Web Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing Your Theme
  • Installing Plugins
  • Adding a Blog Post
  • Adding a Form to Collect Visitor Data
  • Integrating your Website with a CRM to manage your list and generate revenue and put them through sales funnels.

There's much to consider when building a professional Web site, and we'll discuss the many things to consider. This is a primer and designed to get your basic WordPress Website up and running for you to start customizing. You will have more work to do including writing all the copy for your pages, writing email copy for your auto-responders and email sequences, picking colors/pictures/graphics,  picking the best theme, setting up your payment processing/shopping cart, adding pics/descriptions of your specific products & services so people can buy them, and figuring out how to best deliver them once a customer buys (fulfillment). We'll discuss many areas, but this is not an exhaustive study of everything - it is a lesson on the most pertinent parts of establishing a successful Web site for your business with the most cost-effective tools and fastest development times. If you have further questions or want to have the professionals build your eCommerce business: We can do that for you too.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online business!

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