Lesson Ten: Bringing in the Experts & Outsourcing

You might be the smartest guy in your world or even in your chosen field, but when it's time to get serious about doing business: you want things done right the first time.

That takes experience.

Do you know the best kind of corporate entity to form? Or whether or not to even form one? What's the best name for your industry/niche/brand/keywords/domain names/company names? What software do you use? How do you track and account for everything? How do you make and execute a plan to seek continual improvement to see more and more success as times moves on and the more data you collect? What's the best way to test? How do you find out? Who can you ask? You can ask me, of course: that's what I do: consult with and help entrepreneurs like you. Precisely. As you're probably aware, we followed up with you after each lesson (we eat our own dog food over here) to let you know exactly how we can help you with that step of your startup's life. Those discounts have expired.

But if you're at this point and still reading: there's some good news for you!

The truth is we can certainly provide "a la carte" types of services at all stages of your startup, but we really love to help our fellow entrepreneurs from A to Z with all the basics so you can get you systems up and running, work out the kinks, test marketing strategies, and scale the successful ones. Over and over. That's the beauty of of the Internet: you can sell just about anything to anyone at any time...anywhere really.


What I'm saying is that we have put a few different packages together specifically for you that will give you the base foundation all businesses including yours need - including your Web Presence and other basics - get more information HERE. It's on sale for Covid (ending any day now...right?!)

And if you want to strictly sell online, we have a turn-key ecommerce package that gives you all the basics, plus a full-on shopping cart with checkout functionality using your payment gateway (so you can get paid!). eCommerce Package Info HERE.

And finally: if you are looking to take your startup to a higher level: this is what we specialize in. If raising investor capital sounds good to you - and you are ready to endure that kind of work: we'll prepare you and your documents to get ready for that fight. We've won that battle a few times - we're happy to tell you the tales, but we've been there and done that before. For ourselves and others. And although we won't broker or offer anything: we'll help you get your ducks in a row and look like a million bucks (or five?) through the process with solid documents, projections, decks, summaries, Web presence for investors, and more.  If you want to go this route: get in touch ASAP, we'll talk, and we'll walk you through our process.

Thanks for taking the time to go through our 10-part course, and as much as it was slightly an infomercial for our consulting products, we know that if you follow these basic steps you will be able to put together a Web site on your own and make it work.

We'll help you take it to the next level right away, rather than down the road, which will give your business a massive advantage.

Also: our prices aren't cheap - I'm a pro at this and my startups have been featured in the mainstream media at length from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNBC, VICE, NY Times, NY Post, and many more around the world, and my time isn't cheap. I only work with 5 clients per month, personally, and have a skilled staff that provides administrative support for our clients and walks you through your launch. 

That being said: we do stand behind our product and as long as you are fully engaged in your business, we offer some entrepreneurs a monthly payment plan for our basic turnkey packages.

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