Lesson Four: Driving Traffic

Once you have a good-looking eCommerce property built to your specs, the next mountain to climb is driving traffic to start building your list and building your data and hopefully: your revenue!

But as you've heard: it takes money to make money. How much does it take? Well...it depends. What are you selling? To Who? What's your price point? Do you have a lot of competition? Is it a big market? What's your budget?

The beauty of doing business on the Internet is that there's ALWAYS people there. it's the shopping mall that never closes, 24/7 - always open for business. And you can steer some of those people - preferably not just a group but a targeted group - near your store and hopefully catch their eye with a solid enough offer to do some business with them.

IF you have the money. And I hate to break it to you but unless you have some big influencer friends or a list of your own: it's gonna take a few bucks to drive traffic. Probably. Because the thing is you never know. Maybe you find a unique product that you can retail for $3000 that costs you $100 and you find - and crush - some long-tail keyword campaigns because nobody else is in the space and you make 10 sales a day for a few years - that does happen. Not a lot but if you find the right product/market fit: you can hit a home run. 

But you're gonna have to do your research first!

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